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23 July 2006

What's happening now

First of all, an apology. I realize I haven't posted for nearly two weeks. Unfortunately, between a cold and family obligations, I've had troulbe keeping up. Here, at least, are a couple of upcoming events.

First of all, there will be a Greens Local meeting this afternoon a 4PM at t the Blue Cow Café, I hope to see you there.

Tomorrow at 7 PM, at the Miller Branch Library, there will be a meeting of 'Independant Voters in Howard County'. Guest Speakers will be Angela Beltram, Grassroots C.O.P.E. leader and prior Council memberSteve Wallis , Independent Howard County Executive Candidate and Kevin Zeese, US Senatorial Candidate and 2004 Ralph Nader Press Secretary. For more informatio*: see, phone Mona Brinegar at 443 889-9070 or Email

I'll try to get back on track with posting updates!

09 July 2006

On a positive note...

A German company is introducing sails it says may help propel ships across the sea cheaper and faster than modern engines.

The system allows for retrofitting of existing ships, and is a hybrid technology. The cost is in the hundreds of thousands. I think it's a step in the right direction, at least.

24 June 2006

Peace Takes Courage

Today's link is an amazing web site, put up by a 15 year old peace activist. It has a collection of links to coverage of the War, it has a forum, but the heart of the site are original animations with titles like "Ashamed", "This is the Truth" and "WWJD".

Warning - this is not for the faint of heart.

19 June 2006

Minutes from 18 June Local Meeting

The meeting notes are up on the web page (linked from the blog title). They focus on meeting with Rionn Dennis from CASE MD, and include the voting records of our representatives in Annapolis.

Next meeting will be July 23rd at the Blue Cow Cafe. This one won't be competing with Father's day celebrations, so let's get some turn out. Let me know if there are any topics you would like to see added to the agenda for that one.

18 June 2006

From 'The Future is Green'

Greenlight Financial Services has launched a "Green Living" essay contest, with a prize of $2,500. According to their website:

"Driving awareness to environmental issues is an extension of Greenlight's ongoing commitment to take a leadership role in corporate citizenship. We hope you join us in exploring ways in which we can create a Greenliving lifestyle for generations to come."

The also reserve the right to use the essays as part of future promotional campaigns. I encourage you to enter the contest, and I intend to do so myself.

16 June 2006

Columbia Condo Challenge dismissed

According to a story in the Howard County Times (linked above), construction on a 22 story high-income condominum in Wincopin Circle will still begin this summer. It sounds, from the story, as though the level of oughtright corruption has reached unsupportable levels.

I must admit, I had not been following the story. I am hoping that some of my readers can enlighten me on the situation. Is there, in fact, room for another challenge?

15 June 2006

Green Imagination: Green Party Candidates Coming to a Polling Station Near Year

Green Imagination: Green Party Candidates Coming to a Polling Station Near Year

Daniel Waldman has put together a list of Green candidates running in Maryland. You might want to check it out, see if he's missed anyone, and see if there's a campaign you'd like to volunteer to work on.