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30 January 2006

First Meeting in 2006

Detailed notes are on the new web page (see link above), but here are the talking points and action items:

  1. We need officers. We need a co-ordinator, a treasurer, a CC delegate and an alternate.
  2. We will be holding an electoral caucus during our regular meeting in the month of May. We need to publicize it to registered Greens in the county, and to get a venue with sufficient room to hold it. We should also come up with a method to distribute absentee ballots.
  3. We need someone to host an open house fundraiser for Kevin Zeese (Senate).
  4. Eddie Boyd (Governor) has expressed an interest in coming to our local to talk. We need to let him know as soon as time/place have been finalized.
  5. We would like to have Green Party Members who attend HCCPJ or Industrial Areas Foundation Vision Meetings act as information conduits.
  6. We get re-certified again this year. That means we need 15,000 signatures. EVERYONE, please make sure you sign the petition. Look for opportunities for us to get tables out, and volunteer.
  7. The list serve we are on is not perfect. The alternative we have handy, a yahoo-group, is not perfect either. We need to choose one.


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