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28 February 2006

Howard County for 9/11 Answers

Tonight, I stopped by Panera's (in Dobbin Center, in Columbia), where the Howard County for 9/11 Answers group meets every Tuesday night at 7 PM.

Although I remain skeptical that the current administration was directly responsible for the attacks, I am deeply grateful that the discussion is going on (and I am increasingly concerned that any speach which criticizes the administration is vulnerable to being stifled).

Cathy Garger provided me with some links for further reading, and she and Lynn both expressed interest in coming to the next Green Local meeting.

Relevant links:

(Also discussed - Green candidates, locally and nationally, depleted uranium testing, IRV and ballot access)

24 February 2006

Seen around Columbia

Uniformed soldiers have begun appearing in public lavoratories and other unexpected places around town, each bearing a banner with a peace sign, asking the viewer to "Bring Me Home". This one drags him from webbing, on his back, as though it were a parachute.

The question is how many people will see them, and what will their eventual fate be. Will they be brought home (and, if so, will their request for peace be respected, or will they face the inevitable mayhem and destruction which often awaits dollar store 'army men'), or will they be tossed away by the first janitor who comes across them?

How will the person deciding their fate relate them to the actual, living soldiers whom they represent? It's a very small, hopefully thought provoking, excercise.

20 February 2006

February 19th Meeting

We had two Greens show up to the meeting yesterday, and two candidates.

David Titman is a self-described 'Green Friendly' Republican running for Circuit Court of Howard County. He came out strongly against the Patriot Act. I will be forwarding a further statement from him to the list later on. As there are no Greens who have announced yet, I am interested in what he has to say.

Eddie Boyd is a Green, running for Governor. I was very impressed by his background - he's been active with Union issues since he was a teenager. He is a Veteran, and has been a peace activist for years. He has been homeless, and worked with Mitch Snyder and the CCNV. In short, his qualifications are impressive.He was soft spoken and eloquent. Always gentle, but he lets his passion show through when he speaks. I was sorry that he had no campaign literature to hand out. His web site is 'in progress', so I cannot provide a link. On the whole, I am very impressed by him. I hope other Howard County Greens get a chance to hear him speak in the near future.

We need a venue for the March 19th meeting, and I dearly hope that we can get more people out to it. The Blue Cow is available again, but only after 4 - there is a Bluegrass group which plays from 1 until 4 on the third Sunday of the month (this might be a good thing - they play well, and would put everyone in a good mood, so it doesn't rule out the option).

I really want to get people out to the next one! We still need to discuss Officers, the Petition, Tabling Events, and we need to decide if we should port the list over to Yahoo. The web page poll ran 3-0 in favor of Yahoo, and I haven't seen any discussion of it here...

17 February 2006

Downtown Columbia Plans open thread...

Evan, over at the Howard County Blog, has done a very good job of collecting the plans for redevelopment in downtown Columbia. It's very well worth going over.

Howard County is presenting its plan for the Columbia Town Center and taking
public input:

7pm Monday, February 27 at the Spear Center (former Rouse Building) at the

Read over the redevelopment plans, and come to the meeting. We all need to be heard on this one.

16 February 2006

Urgent call for action from the GPUS


Democrats Push Bill That Would Bar Third Parties in Races for Congress

02.09.2006 WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Panic and retaliation among progressive Democrats over Green challenges are behind HR 4694, say Greens, citing the bill's prohibitive petition requirements, ban on private contributions; Greens call the bill patently unconstitutional.

Read the press release

We have made it easy for you to take action, simply click here: send a letter to your member of congress and/or your local newspaper

Thanks. Together we can make a difference.

Office: PO Box 57065 Washington, D.C. 20037 202-319-7191 or toll-free (US): 866-41GREEN

15 February 2006

Dave Titman will attend the February 19th Meeting

I received a very nice e-mail from Mr. Titman asking to speak to us at our meeting at the Blue Cow.

His press release (on the Howard Greens web page, linked above) doesn't specifically address Green values, but I think we'll all be interested in hearing what he has to say.

Liz Bobo's Annual Town Meeting

will be be held on March 2, 2006,

7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

at Kahler Hall in the Harper's Choice Village Center

The issues Liz will discuss include:

Teacher Pensions
Open Government
Medical Research
Tax Equity
Clean Air
Chesapeake Bay
Agricultural and Open Space Preservation
Human Rights
Secure Voting Machines
Limitations on Gambling
Campaign Finance
Eminent Domain


Please feel free to pass this information on to you friends and neighbors.

Questions: Ann Goldscher 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3205

(for those that don't know, Liz is a "Green Friendly" Democrat)

14 February 2006


This post was going to be an announcement that the web page has gone live. Now that that's over with, I have more to say.

We have a problem.

This is a petition year. That means, in order to continue being a recognized political party in the state of Maryland, the Greens must collect 13,000 signatures on our petition in the next 10 months.

Howard County has been asked to raise 875-1075 signatures.

We need volunteers to collect signatures. We need a single petition co-ordinator to keep track, and to keep people motivated. We need events to table at which we can raise signatures.

We Need You!

Please get in touch, either here, or at the local meeting, or through the mailing list... and let us know that we can count on you!

09 February 2006

Technical problem

I blew away the formatting on the blog this morning, so I'll be re-building the links list.

Please comment with any blogs or web pages you'd like to see linked from here.

Thank you.

07 February 2006

the possibility of fire: rich man

the possibility of fire: rich man

An interesting parable about the wealthiest man in the village, who becomes a prisoner of his own need to feel secure.

This is beautifully written, and well worth the reading time.

05 February 2006

Eddie Boyd will attend the February 19th meeting

I will be putting up a few notices publicizing the meeting around the area. Please let me know if you want to help.

Note: this will be a GP local meeting as well, not just a chance to get to know Eddie. If there is anything you want to add to the agenda, you can comment here or e-mail myself or Mike Corness. Or you can just bring up your issues at the meeting.

04 February 2006

Green knitters: Welcome to the Green knitworld!

Green knitters: Welcome to the Green knitworld!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an emergent knitter/crochetter myself, and I was thrilled to find this blog.

Pointers to other special-interest green-blogs would be very much appreciated! (yes, I saw the Green Bloggers Web ring, we're an 'official party' blog, so we don't qualify).

Also - I've sent out 'invites' to several people to post, but I'm not sure that anything has gone through the system. If I've told you that I've invited you, and nothing's happening, please contact me.

If you're interested in publishing articles, and you haven't mentioned it to me, please do so!

03 February 2006

Electoral Process now online

The 2006 electoral process is now online.

It's a bit dry. The relevant points are:

To be considered as a potential Green Party nominee, you should register with the MD greens and the state Board of Elections by May 5th.

Each local is to hold a caucus between May 7th and the Maryland State Assembly. Ballotting will use IRV. Don't worry if you don't know what IRV is, the salient point is that each voter will be asked to rank their votes for each office, and that 'none of the above' will be an option for each one.

Both the locals and the MD greens will publicize the place and time of the caucus. Watch this space, and the web pages, and read the local papers. Individuals who don't have a local which represents their area can vote at any MD local caucus.

The ballots cast at the caucuses will be counted at the assembly. If this doesn't produce a candidate for a given office, or if the candidate withdraws, candidates will be nominated at the Assembly.

01 February 2006

Eddie Boyd's Press Release uploaded

I've just uploaded Eddie Boyd's press release to the web page.

I've never met Eddie, nor do I know anything about him, but I've heard that he is interested in speaking to the local. Maybe we can get him to come to the Blue Cow for this month's meeting, and we'll all get to know him a bit better.

Candidate Page Online

I've just added Kevin Zeese's press release to the new web page.

I've never met Kevin, but he's been a presence on the local scene for a few years now. I first heard of him during the election of '04, when he was Ralph Nader's local campaign coordinator, and my husband was David Cobb's local campaign coordinator. Let's just say it was not love at first sight...

I think they've both mellowed in the last year and a half. I'm really excited about Kevin's 'unity platform'. I think it's important for all of us to get behind him on this. Please, if you think you can host a house party in Howard County, let us know.