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03 February 2006

Electoral Process now online

The 2006 electoral process is now online.

It's a bit dry. The relevant points are:

To be considered as a potential Green Party nominee, you should register with the MD greens and the state Board of Elections by May 5th.

Each local is to hold a caucus between May 7th and the Maryland State Assembly. Ballotting will use IRV. Don't worry if you don't know what IRV is, the salient point is that each voter will be asked to rank their votes for each office, and that 'none of the above' will be an option for each one.

Both the locals and the MD greens will publicize the place and time of the caucus. Watch this space, and the web pages, and read the local papers. Individuals who don't have a local which represents their area can vote at any MD local caucus.

The ballots cast at the caucuses will be counted at the assembly. If this doesn't produce a candidate for a given office, or if the candidate withdraws, candidates will be nominated at the Assembly.


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