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20 February 2006

February 19th Meeting

We had two Greens show up to the meeting yesterday, and two candidates.

David Titman is a self-described 'Green Friendly' Republican running for Circuit Court of Howard County. He came out strongly against the Patriot Act. I will be forwarding a further statement from him to the list later on. As there are no Greens who have announced yet, I am interested in what he has to say.

Eddie Boyd is a Green, running for Governor. I was very impressed by his background - he's been active with Union issues since he was a teenager. He is a Veteran, and has been a peace activist for years. He has been homeless, and worked with Mitch Snyder and the CCNV. In short, his qualifications are impressive.He was soft spoken and eloquent. Always gentle, but he lets his passion show through when he speaks. I was sorry that he had no campaign literature to hand out. His web site is 'in progress', so I cannot provide a link. On the whole, I am very impressed by him. I hope other Howard County Greens get a chance to hear him speak in the near future.

We need a venue for the March 19th meeting, and I dearly hope that we can get more people out to it. The Blue Cow is available again, but only after 4 - there is a Bluegrass group which plays from 1 until 4 on the third Sunday of the month (this might be a good thing - they play well, and would put everyone in a good mood, so it doesn't rule out the option).

I really want to get people out to the next one! We still need to discuss Officers, the Petition, Tabling Events, and we need to decide if we should port the list over to Yahoo. The web page poll ran 3-0 in favor of Yahoo, and I haven't seen any discussion of it here...


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