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01 March 2006

From Linda Shade of TrueVoteMD

Originally posted by Mike Cornell, reposted due to a technical problem


A few days ago, the Governor took a strong stand for paper ballots and stated that he had NO confidence in the Diebold voting machines - dealing perhaps a final blow to the legitimacy of the voting system and leaving the State of Maryland in a crisis -- what to do for 2006??

Del. Liz Bobo and her husband Knowles (both staunch supporters of paper ballots) came up with a brilliant plan to save Maryland's 2006 elections:

"An emergency one-year lease of an op-scan system."

This is genius and Del. Hixson has signed on too.

Tell everyone: Support the Hixson-Bobo Implementation Plan.

Why is it genius?

The Hixson-Bobo Plan is great because:

1) it would give us a voter-verified paper ballot and audit trail THIS YEAR

2) It will cost less than running Diebold this year

3) It will buy the state time to find a longer-term solution (though TrueVote thinks op-scan is the best long term solution)

4) It may permanently get Diebold out of our state

5) It is completely in compliance with the excellent HB244/SB713 which has tremendous support

And Del. Bobo has talked to ES&S and they can do it in time for

Genius!!! I know we've thrown out a few different action items in the last few days but this news that Delegate Hixson is throwing her stature and seniority behind it makes it the train to be on!!

ACTION: Call legislators asking them to vote for HB244/SB713 and to let Hixson / Hollinger know you support the Hixson-Bobo Plan!

To find your legislators, go here:

Go get em, and thanks for your work defending our democracy,

Linda Schade, and the whole TrueVoteMD gang
Takoma Park, Md


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