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19 March 2006

March Meeting Minutes Uploaded

This month's highlights -

Live music is much appreciated. So, in the future we will continue to schedule our meetings to follow their jam sessions. Not in April however, since we're NOT going to schedule a meeting for Easter Sunday. Nor in May, as that is the County Caucus, and we're going to want to have more than an hour to give everyone in the county a chance to vote. But starting in June, we'll be having all of our meetings at the Blue Cow Café, on the third sunday of the month, following The New Southern Cowtippers jam sessions.

Petitioning is going to accelerate. We might even have a petition co-ordinator! (If Doris doesn't get scared off). I will upload the petition form and instructions to the website sometime soon, so stay tuned. We desperately need more petitioners, and events to table at. Volunteer, or at least point us in the right direction.

Brandy Baker has announced her run for Congress in Maryland's 7th District. We will invite her to speak at next months local.

The local has encountered some expenses (mostly in conjunction with the Caucus), and will need fundraisers. Please let us know of opportunities, and/or volunteer. Kevin Zeese is interested in a 'shared' fundraiser for us and, as we've mentioned before, he could use a house party in Howard County. Please speak up! (We were sorry to have missed you Kathy, are you still interested?)

Not mentioned in the minutes, but of interest to many of us, there is a movement to create a cooperative middle school in Howard County. This project is in very early stages, and Karen Blue is spearheading the effort to get things started.

The mailing list is porting over to a yahoogroup. See the new link in the sidebar.


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