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19 May 2006

Caucus notices mailed

I spent last night at Mike Cornell's house, preparing the post cards announcing the Caucus location and time. This afternoon I stamped and mailed them (409 from the East Columbia Branch Library mail box - 3 delivered by hand).

Reminder - the Caucus will be on Saturday, May 27, from 11 - 4, at the Elkridge Branch Library. Come by and cast your ballot!

It takes a fair chunk of time to stamp 409 post cards, and it gives plenty of opportunity to think about things.

All sorts of things.

Like the fact that, should either of the two major parties want to post a mailing to their entire constituent list in the county, they have the machinery to do it much more efficiently, and they wouldn't have to rely on volunteer labor. Like the fact that I would have a very hard time having my voice heard within either of the major parties. Like the fact that there are a great many people within the Howard County Green Party who may feel that they're not getting their voices heard within the party, simply because we haven't let them know when or where we're meeting. (Even though I, and others, have tried to spread the word...). It occurred to me tha our meetings typically equal or exceed 1% of the party membership in the county. That's pretty extraordinary.

It's also no where near enough.

American politics were built on a revolutionary model. The idea that any group of people can get together and have their voice be heard, and can actually influence how their government works, is still a revolutionary concept today. It leads to a chaotic, often contentious, even messy, form of government. Sometimes it gets too messy. At the moment, most people agree that the system needs to be cleaned up. For most of us, that means getting rid of corruption and big money interests. For some people, it means getting rid of opposing voices. It means getting rid of us.

Come out. Vote. Network. Create that critical mass. Sign the petition. Stand up and be heard. I want to meet you in person.


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