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15 May 2006

On lameness...

First, and foremost, the time and place for the Caucus has been changed:

The Howard County Green Party Caucus will be held on Saturday, May 27th at the Elkridge Branch Library, from 11 - 4.

The regular meeting will be held at the same time.

Now, on to the discussion of lameness, and why there has been no activity on this blog for the past month.

First of all, it is entirely my own fault. I have allowed 'real life' to get in the way of my Green Party duties. In the past month I've been dealing primarily with family issues (wedding anniversary, a birthday, illness in the family and the death of a pet, to be specific), and haven't grabbed the few minutes it would have taken to post.

...and there certainly have been things I should have posted about, the difficulty with the scheduled caucus date for one (to be fair, I only heard about that within the past week, and put my efforts into securing another date and location). I haven't posted about tabling events (and there are several. PLEASE let me know if you can spend some time working at the Faerie Festival on May 20th and/or 21st, or if there are other events you are looking for volunteers for).

There has been a lot of activity state wide about the BG&E rate hike. There has been frighteningly little discussion of the national 'security' database of phone numbers (but my wireless and long distance service Working Assets spontaneously e-mailed to assure me they do not give away any personal information without a legal warrant, so if you're considering changing your phone service...).

I know that there are many, many concerned voters in Howard County. I know that many of you are already active, and many more are looking for easy ways to be active and to make a change. Please, come to the meetings, meet and support other Greens. If you're not a Green, then come out and meet other progressives (because, you never know, we might just be the perfect fit).

Especially come to this meeting - the Caucus. Just drop by and cast your vote (even though there are now only two offices being voted on). Be counted. Then go back and spend the rest of the day with your family.

I hope to see you there.


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