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04 June 2006

2006 Maryland Green Assembly

The assembly is over. Of particular interest to Howard County, Mike Cornell has hit 'term limits', and is no longer State Co-Chair, so we'll be seeing more of him. Beth Hufnagel is, once again, State Treasurer, and Steve Kramer is still one of our delegates to the National Committee. The rest of the election results will be available on the Maryland Greens Website sometime soon.

I missed out on all the wonderful forums and workshops, because I had volunteered to provide childcare. It was wonderful. I was thrilled that the children agreed to interview attendees for this blog. We got three interviews in before the beautiful weather lured us outside for some less political activity. I'll be posting the transcripts over the next few days.

It was very nice to see everyone (as it is each year). I hope that Mr. McNaughton will be able to make it to our local meetings.


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