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09 June 2006

Interview: Brent McMillan

This was the third of three interviews by the kids I watch during the 2006 Green Party Assembly. Shortly after this interview we switched to board games, then to Simon Says, then (finally) to running around out doors.

Apologies to Brent - my transcription was less than complete on this one.

Interviewers: Dorothy Kramer and Dylan Giordano
Interviewee: Brent McMillan

DK: What do you do inside the party?

BM: I'm the National Political Director for the Green Party, and I work out of Washington, DC.

DK: What do you think of 'our leader', Bush?

BM: Arguably, he is the worst president we've ever had.

DG: Who do you think would be better?

BM: We need someone who is going to serve the American people, not just the elites.

DK: Lot's of people think Nader's a 'spoiler'...

BM: You can't spoil something that's already rotten. We're already on our way to being a failed state.

DG: If no one did anything about the system, in about 10 years our (country would fall apart?)

BM:... If we don't take action, the country will fall into chaos. More and more people are dropping into poverty, losing healthcare, housing... What's important is for Greens to address what's important for most Americans. Health care, housing and public education.

I think the opportunity for greens is to restore services to people who have been dropped. To meet people's local needs.

DK: What about negative campaigning against Greens? Do you see lots of that?

BM: From Democrats in urban areas, and Republicans in rural areas, they'll go to extremes. I see a combination of 'Gerrymandering' and dirty tricks.

DK: Thank you.



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