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05 June 2006

Interview: John Behle

Interview 1 of 3, by the junior reporters at the 2006 Maryland Green Party Assembly

Interviewer: Dorothy Kramer (D.K.)
Interviewee: John Behle (J.B.)

John Behle

DK: What are some of the issues the Green Party is dealing with?

JB: Well, first is the war, stopping the war. So first we work for peace, stop killing one another.

DK: How are you stopping the war?

JB: We are stopping the war by assembling, making our voice heard by the opposition. Stop the killing. We also focus on the environment. So, stop the killing of people, stop the killing of the world.

DK: What do you think about George W. Bush?

JB: Well, he's president of Corporate America and he works for the oil interests, and with his approval rating it's obvious he's not president of the people and he told us he's been spying on us.

DK: Thank you.

Dorothy Kramer


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