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06 June 2006

Interview: Rob Tufts

This is number 2 of 3 interviews done by junior reporters at the 2006 Maryland Greens Assembly

Interviewer: Dorothy Kramer
Interviewee: Robb Tufts
Rob Tufts
DK: What do you think of George Bush?

RT: I think he's been a very ineffective leader, which is the least one can say (or I'm being nice).

DK: What are you doing within the party?

RT: I'm a candidate in Anne Arundel County.

DK: Do you think Greens are active?

RT: I think we have very active Greens, and I think we are making a difference.

DK: Do you think your opponents negatively campaign against you because you're green?

RT: My opponent hasn't yet, however, I think he will.

DK: Thank you.

Dorothy Kramer


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